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Philadelphia Sign (PSCO) is recognized as a leader in sign design, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and wayfinding specializing in branding and conversion programs since 1905. PSCO offers essential wayfinding signage and directories for educational, healthcare, or corporate-based environments while following local codes & ADA compliant requirements. The PSCO team develops a sign portfolio unique to your environment. You are guided throughout the process by our expert wayfinding planners and project managers to keep to schedule for implementation of your wayfinding solution.

The PSCO product line of complete interior and exterior wayfinding signage to navigate throughout a facility include complete digital, branding, ADA, hospital, directional, campus, and office solutions. Our team of planners and project managers are ready to get started to equip you the latest in wayfinding solutions. PSCO brings your brand to life with branding for interior and exterior signs.

Philadelphia Sign opened its doors in 1905 and Andrew Paxson Trucksess, at age 18, purchased Philadelphia Sign Company in 1911 for $500. His initial product offerings were hand-painted signs. “Not bad for a man that started with two sign painters,” said Bill Trucksess, the former CEO of Philadelphia Sign.

Under the Trucksess family leadership, PSCO has grown to be one of the largest, most influential sign companies in the nation. The company’s timeline mirrors the growth of the U.S. and at times, has reflected the history of the world from the heyday of neon through war time efforts to the rise of retail chains and multi-site conversions, PSCO has been at the forefront over the decades leading the industry with a century of signage.

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Wayfinding Is Where Place Meets Information Design, Photos courtesy of Joseph Mackereth
Wayfinding Is Where Place Meets Information Design

Wayfinding Is Where Place Meets Informa

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