Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza

Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza

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The Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation engaged award-winning architecture and design firm Wallace, Roberts & Todd to bring state-of-the-art design to the Plaza, where Urban Sign Company completed fabrication of the signage. The Plaza opened on the afternoon of October 22, 2018, complementing the centennial celebration of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

The Philadelphia Holocaust Memorial Plaza’s new unique design includes several interpretive features that will together create a singular place of learning and remembrance: 

Six Pillars: The Six Pillars will honor the memory of the Six Million Jews murdered by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. The pillars will be presented in pairs, each chronicling an atrocity of the Holocaust and contrasting it with American constitutional protections and values.

The Tree Grove: A grove of trees will represent the woodlands that sheltered those who resisted the Nazi regime. It will honor the legacy of those who risked their lives by fighting hatred and bigotry.

Eternal Flame: Recessed in the Remembrance Wall, the Eternal Flame will be a symbol of hope and light, embodying our commitment to never forget.

The Theresienstadt Tree: Children imprisoned at the Theresienstadt Camp nurtured a sapling knowing that they would not live to see it mature, yet believing that this tree would survive. The iconic tree’s sapling will be planted at the Plaza to symbolize life and hope for future generations.

Train Tracks: Original train tracks from the railroad adjacent to the Death Camp of Treblinka will be embedded in the Plaza’s paving, serving as a powerful reminder of the millions of victims who were deported.

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