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Peter Hecht

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Peter Hecht, PhD, an environmental psychologist, has over four decades of experience in wayfinding systems and behavior in urban public settings. His work covers evidence based design for visitor needs, way-finding, information architecture and organization. This involves system development for users, including special needs groups such as the elderly, those with physical limitations and with limited English proficiency.

From 1985-1991 he was Director of Research for Project for Public Spaces. He has been a principal at ERG/Environmental Research Group and a solo consultant. His urban projects have covered wayfinding systems in major urban settings such as NYC, pedestrian and transit improvements on city thoroughfares and activation of parks and plazas. He advised the state of Pennsylvania on pedestrian policy for 19 years. Dr. Hecht has partnered with Cloud Gehshan on wayfinding projects for 25 years. He is presently part of a grant team looking at wayfinding assistance for the cognitively impaired for NIH.

Dr. Hecht received his M.A.and Ph.D. (1979) in psychology from the University of Colorado. He is a member, and former board member, of the Environmental Design Research Association and since 2011 he has been a jury member for the Brill Grant in Urban Communication and Community Design.

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