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NIKE—Winged Goddess of Victory
NIKE—Winged Goddess of Victory

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2022 Achievement Awards: Setting the Standard for Excellence
Articles referencing Peter Andrusko: 2022 Achievement Awards: Setting the Standard for Excellence

Architectural Applied Artist with a specialization in Stone, Wood, Glass & Metal

Principal artisan Peter Andrusko explores the art and science of applied architectural arts in the built environment; principally, but not exclusively - in the most traditional of legacy materials: stone, wood, glass & metals. Coupled with exceptional craftsmanship utilizing ancient, old-school hand-tools, the most advanced robotic & software design technologies and fortified with a solid, problem-solving optimism to create a bold, dynamic experiences and a unique creative fusion in partnership with professional EG Designers, Architects, GC's and Principal stakeholders to create the unique experiences of beauty and substance that we rely on to communicate in the most important of locations.

Peter Andrusko is constantly striving for excellence: He considers this goal definitely a process and mindset, rather than a destination - staying up to date with methodologies, technology, acquiring relevant knowledge and being the best he is capable of being both as an artist and a design professional; meeting and - if possible - exceeding expectations as he performs his artisan, craft-work and those tasks required to run his business; to develop the client base needed to remain viable as an artisan practitioner mixing traditional, stone-related craft-work and high-technology digital fabrication.

2003 Expo - Best Artisan
2005 Expo - Best Artisan
2013 Expo - Best Artisan

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