Pentagram Wayfinding for John Lewis

Pentagram Partners Harry Pearce and William Russell have designed a new in-store wayfinding system for John Lewis' newly opened store in York.

Pearce and his team developed a typographic structure for the signage, using shifting point sizes to denote floors, departments, and services.

Gill is used throughout, from the oversized numbers to the smallest line of type. For the purpose of readability, the entire system is black and white, in contrast to the multitude of colors that fill the store environment.

William Russell created double-sided internally-lit signs, framed with black powder-coated steel. Vertical totems sit on the shop floor and there are also wall mounted units and proportional hanging signs run throughout the store. An important aspect of the design process was the legibility and clarity of the signs to stand apart from the other signage throughout the store. Always appearing at the same level, the hanging signs are positioned in such a way that people will always know where to find what they’re looking for.


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