Pentagram Updates the Stars and Stripes

image of USA Pavilion at Expo Milano by Pentagram

Titled “American Food 2.0, United to Feed the Planet,” the USA Pavilion focuses on innovations in the farm-to-table food model and sustainable production. Biber’s striking design for the Pavilion reinterprets the architectural forms of the barn and other agricultural structures and includes a 7,200 square-foot, football-field-length vertical farm that has been planted with a variety of vegetables, grains and herbs. The harvestable crops are grown in hydroponic planters on louvers that open and close like shutters, giving the building a feeling of transparency.

Michael Bierut’s identity for the Pavilion is a playful take on the American flag that replaces the stars with a plate, fork and knife. The symbol appears on a 30-feet-high by 40-feet-wide billboard at the Pavilion entrance. Like a roadside sign, the massive flag helps the building stand out in the Expo grounds, and at night it is internally illuminated. The symbol has also been painted on the corrugated steel on the other side of the Pavilion. Title typography is set in Titling Gothic.

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