Pentagram Signs London Design College

London College of Communication Wayfinding, Pentagram

Pentagram developed the new wayfinding solution for the London College of Communication, one of the UK's most influential design colleges.

Now part of the University of the Arts London, LCC boasts high-profile design alumni including Neville Brody, Jefferson Hack and Lippa himself, who studied there in the 1980s.

Pentagram Partner Domenic Lippa, an LCC graduate who redesigned the UAL identity in 2013, was asked to focus on a new wayfinding solution for LCC's current Elephant and Castle campus. Existing signage was a mixture of the previous environmental graphics scheme and photocopied signs.

The primary challenge that Lippa and designer Jeremy Kunze faced was developing a solution that would work in LCC's four buildings and be adaptable enough to allow the college to change room names and redecorate when necessary. It also had to be cost-effective because of the college’s planned move in 2020.

"Unlike other wayfinding projects," says Lippa, "We couldn’t take artistic inspiration from the building, because to be honest, they have little to no architectural merit to work with.”

So Lippa and Kunze focused on developing clear and concise wayfinding where information was most needed. Materials were inspired by LCC's "making" heritage and physical design. A consistent background plate made from perforated powder-coated aluminum can be affixed to any wall type. Room types and directional signs are screwed on top of the plates and color coding identifies the college's four main areas. Lippa and Kunze also simplified naming and used Helvetica to link visually to UAL's overall identity. More on the project can be found here.

(Photo: Max Creasy)

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