Photo of New York City street parking signage

Pentagram (New York), working with the New York City Department of Transportation, has created a new, simplified design for the city’s street parking signage that is more easily understood and may result in fewer parking tickets for New Yorkers.

Eddie Opara and his team kicked off the year in color with the new Pantone 2013 Calendar, which recontextualizes the familiar PMS chips into colorful “digitized” images for each month.

One of the most important collections of Post-Impressionist and early Modernist art in the world, The Barnes Foundation recently relocated to a new home in downtown Philadelphia. Pentagram Partner Abbott Miller captured the distinctive sensibility of the Barnes in its new identity, as well as in environmental graphics, publications, and the museum's website.

Paula Scher’s poster for this year’s Sundance Film Festival uses bold, hand-drawn arrows to signal the possibilities, reflecting the festival’s mission of taking film in exciting new directions.

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