Pentagram - The Printing House

Pentagram (worldwide)’s Luke Hayman and Emily Oberman design a brand identity and marketing campaign for the luxury residences at The Printing House in New York that use graphics inspired by the building’s heritage as a printing factory.

The Natural Areas Conservancy, an affiliate of NYC Parks, introduces a new identity by Paula Scher, Pentagram, that uses photographs taken by Joel Meyerowitz to highlight the beauty of the wilderness the organization is trying to preserve.

A new identity designed by Harry Pearce for the Crouch End Festival Chorus reflects the musical group’s core passion and matches their global ambition.

Carrying on the format of his recent editorial redesign, DJ Stout creates a series of memorable covers for LMU Magazine, the publication of Loyola Marymount University.

Eddie Opara creates an illustration for the December 2013 Wired that renders the magazine’s issue number, 21.12, in its binary configuration of 1s and 0s––and the extremely analog form of wooden pegs in round holes.

Building on the identity he created for the original Lucy’s Fried Chicken, DJ Stout designs branding for the restaurant’s second location––this time with a red-headed Lucy.

Naresh Ramchandani launches a poster design competition for his environmental charity Do The Green Thing, in collaboration with WWF. Young creatives in the UK have the chance to have their work featured in campaign advertising, as well as spend a day at Pentagram’s London office. Find out more about the competition here.

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