Paul Flanigan

Paul Flanigan, Digital Screenmedia Association
San Francisco

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Paul Flanigan, Executive Director, Digital Screenmedia Association

My goal is to bring the DSA to the world, and show how digital screens across every channel are an ecosystem of engagement that companies and utilize to bring their brand closer to the consumer. In other words, it's like Tron and The Matrix all wrapped into a bundle of awesome experiences.

I have spent 15 years using buzzwords like marketing, branding, advertising, holistic, and ubiquitous. I have brought things to market, taken things offline. I have pulled levers and found bandwidth. I have tripped over nickels to pick up dollars, productized, incentivized, repurposed, fleshed out, sent things upriver and downstream. I have fired before I was ready or aimed, and I have run before I could crawl or walk. I even once tried to boil the ocean.

In the middle of all that, I got pretty good at figuring out how to create connections with customers through digital media, how to get them to say, "That's cool. Tell me more."

I could call myself all kinds of things. I could call me maybe. But for the most part, I'm a perpetual learner.

You can find me on SKYPE at paul.flanigan.
You can email me at [email protected].
You can find me on Twitter at

Contact me. Let's talk.

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