Paul Biniasz

Paul Biniasz, Arscentia

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Paul Biniasz is an associate creative director with the Seattle-based Arscentia, specializing in brand and experience strategy, branded environments and exhibit design, integrated communication design, and place making through branded stories.

He gained a strong appreciation for building brands and delivering brand experiences early in his career with several NYC agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Lewis, Gace, Bozell and Landor. During that time, he won numerous Art Director and RX Awards including a Grand Global for Best Communication to the Healthcare Professional.

He is acutely aware of client business goals, strategies and appreciates the power of the creative product to deliver a client objective. This, combined with a desire to create an elevated brand experience for his clients, landed him a Creative Director position with Phase 3 Marketing & Communications in Atlanta in 2003. Over the next 10 years he created several award-winning experiences, garnering industry recognition and helping expand the company footprint to three other cities.

Paul Biniasz moved to Seattle in 2014. He is passionately involved in all aspects of client brand building experiences with Arscentia. He pulls from a rich history of design experiences, and a deep appreciation for how people interact with the built environment. He strives to embrace client objectives and is continually hunting for opportunities to create something new.

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