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Pam Wayfinding

Pam Wayfinding is a cloud-based platform for managing signs to create smarter spaces for people. Education, healthcare and transport facilities globally use Pam to create spaces that are easy to navigate and fun to explore. Pam connects facility managers with brand managers, designers and fabricators – anywhere, anytime, on any device. Now everyone can collaborate and manage their physical and digital signage from a single platform.

Pam Wayfinding’s Key Features

  • Audit existing signage
  • Plan and design signage
  • Track installation of signs in real-time
  • Maintain signs from your mobile

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About Pam Wayfinding

Pam Wayfinding was born out of a wayfinding design and implementation program undertaken by award-winning wayfinding and experience consultants BrandCulture. University of Technology Sydney was in the middle of implementing its $1 billion-plus City Campus Master Plan when it appointed BrandCulture to help with the implementation of over 8,000 signs across 65 sign types, 19 buildings and 110 floors. To streamline the project management of this highly involved project, BrandCulure created an online signage planning and management system called Pam. The system allowed all project stakeholders to collaborate online, in real-time, creating a single source of truth for floor plans and signs. For more information, visit or email [email protected]


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