Pack Your Bags, We’re Going to Xlab 2015! [5 Reasons You Owe it to Yourself]

We know you’re busy. You’re drinking from the fire hose every day, trying to keep up with client demands and project deadlines coming at you at warp speed. While all that’s going on, who has time to look ahead to the future? Who’s in charge of making sure you know about the new technologies, platforms, and interfaces your clients will soon be asking about? That’s what Xlab 2015 is for,and here are 5 reasons you need to get yourself there:

5. You deserve a workcation.
You’ve been working hard all year and your clients aren’t going anywhere. But you can—and should. Tons of scientific research has proven that taking breaks boosts your focus,  creativity and productivity. Attending Xlab 2015--November 5 and 6 in New York--provides the needed break AND meets your goals of learning about new advancements in your field, having face-time with your peers and mentors and creating an environment of continuous learning for yourself. Yes, it’s a thing! Going to Xlab 2015 will make you better at your job!

4. You (heart) NY.
Xlab 2015’s venue is once again the SVA Theatre in Chelsea. You’ll be surrounded by all the great experiences that New York has to offer: food, shopping, museum experiences and theater, PLUS all the great annual holiday traditions that make New York especially amazing in November.

3. Bonus: NYDSW!
Xlab 2015 is part of New York Digital Signage Week,an extensive calendar of events for the digital signage and display industry. You can pop into vendor open houses, product showcases, and cocktail parties all week long. You may just find display solutions and/or technology partners for your next project.

2. High-quality elbow-rubbing
Guess who else thinks digital technology is important enough to devote a day to? You’ll be rubbing elbows not only with top-level design firms and industry-leading technology providers, but with organizations like IBMiX, MoMA, LinkedIn, Samsung, FIT, DFW International Airport, Skidmore College, and Gannett!

1. You owe it to yourself and your clients to know what’s happening at the cutting edge of digital technology.
Xlab is the space where design and digital technology meet, and where you’ll see the future of user experience design. Speakers like Jared Ficklin,former frog fellow and founder of argo design; David Kepron,head of Little Diversified Architecture’s Brand Studio and author of Retail (r)Evolution; creative technologist Darren David,founder of Stimulant; MIT Media Lab PhD and inventor Flavia Sparacino,Sensing Places; and wearables video queen Becky Stern,Adafruit will show you where digital is heading, and why you should be there!

Xlab 2015 is Nov. 5 in NYC (with optional tours Nov. 6)—time to get registered!


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