Pack Your Bags—Xlab 2016 is Next Week!

Got your toothbrush? Phone charger? Jacket? Favorite pen? Laptop? A Friend? Wait...what? Yes! You can bring a friend or colleague for free when you register for Xlab 2016. It's a no-brainer because Xlab 2016 is going to be an amazing, inspiring, professionally meaningful and totally useful experience for all involved and includes tours and fun networking opportunities too. You'll get the latest on hot topics like: Smart City Ecosystems, Content and Place, New Materials, Virtual Reality and Next Generation Interactivity. 

Need more reasons you should drop what you were thinking of doing October 27-28 and attend Xlab 2016?

You'll learn how:

·       Physical infrastructure, digital interfaces and data demonstrate patterns of usage and human behavior

·       Tech providers and designers are creating user-centric platforms for enhanced urban experiences

·       Virtual Reality is finding its way into new experiential environments

·       VR is creating opportunities for content design, simulation and visualization 

·       Next-generation interaction requires a new way of thinking

·       New interactivity impact projects, spaces, cities and our lives

·       Context and place are affecting the way content engages users

·       Real-time data is providing a near infinite source of engaging content

·       Media now allows integration of digital technology into physical surfaces

·       Designers and technology innovators push boundaries in concept and in the built environment


And be fascinated by:

·       The way NYC’s aging network of public payphones is being replaced with state-of-the-art links

·       The creation of content and experience for “cars, cartoons, computers, concerts” and more

·       Virtual depictions of the space among digital and physical, architecture and media arts

·       Innovative and immersive customer experiences for corporate giants

·       Data-driven art installations converging digital media and spatial experiences

·       VR experiences thriving at the interplay of physical environments and human participation

·       Emerging technology that pushes the boundaries of participatory storytelling experiences


Listening to speakers like:

·       George Burciaga of Civiq Smartscapes

·       Mike Rawlinson of CityID

·       Chad Hutson and Ellen Schopler of Leviathan

·       Refik Anadol of Refik Anadol Studios

·       Tali Krakowsky of Prophet

·       Nik Hafermaas of Ueberall

·       Kyle Banuelos of Dot Dot Dash

·       Nils Wiberg of Gagarin

·       Jeremy Duimstra of MJD Interactive

·       Yasmin Elayat of Scatter


And don't forget, there are Toursand networking events that will blow your socks off! Check out the complete schedule of courses and networking sessions now, registerand then pack your bags! 

Call SEGD at 1(202) 638-5555 to bring a friend for free, or add one if you've already registered.



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