outRise and LeBron James Family Foundation Creates New App Featuring Curated Experiences

outRise and LeBron James Family Foundation Creates New App Featuring Curated Experiences

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Cleveland Based Wayfinding Technology Company outRise is proud to share the results of a successful partnership between the LeBron James Family Foundation's 330 Ambassadors and outRise,a new app that features a wide-range of curated experiences and activities. 

In honor of Black History Month, the 330 Ambassadors worked with Dr. Sheldon Wrice, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of the Pan African Studies Program at the University of Akron, to create a two-hour experience on the outRise app that highlights several stops with historical significance as it relates to Akron's role in the Underground Railroad.

Stops along their tour include the Spring Hill Farm, John Brown House, Perkins Mansion and Spring Hill House.  All of these locations played a role in assisting slaves who were seeking freedom in Canada, Mexico and other destinations. 

See the 330 Ambassadors Instagram post below that outlines the exact route they took on the experience created.

This short Fox News Video also showcases this creative collaboration.

outRise is hopeful that other users will create similar experiences both to celebrate Black History Month and on an ongoing basis to highlight Black-owned businesses, cultural events and historical education opportunities. 

The app is available at no cost on Apple's App Store and Google Play.    

outRise gives people the opportunity to create curated adventures that can then be uploaded to the app for others to see and participate in. 

Feel free to take the 330 Ambassador's curated experience for yourself - https://www.outrise.com/s/1CzwrzX5

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