Oh Sh!t : Lessons learned when things go wrong

We've all been there - you're about to print and the software crashes. You get on site for an install and there's now a door where there used to be a wall. You can't help but say... Oh sh!t.

We thought it would be interesting to talk about when things don't go according to plan. Big things, little things; they all affect a project in the same way. We have some great speakers willing to share some (funny) stories about when things go wrong, what happened to make it all work out, and ultimately what was learned. 

Mike Mulvey | The Combustion Chamber / DailyExhaust
Noah Veneklasen | Muse & Co.
An additional speaker to be announced soon!

Oh Sh!t : Lessons learned when things go wrong
Thursday, April 25th, 2019
Bespoke Coworking
845 Market St. Suite 450
San Francisco, CA

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