NSCU College of Design Outreach

SEGD Raleigh had the opportunity to talk with North Carolina State University College of Design seniors about Experiential Graphic Design on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. SEGD Raleigh representatives educated the students on unique career paths they could explore with their future graphic design degrees.

EGD Intro

Chapter co-chair Emma Wallace offered a big-picture overview of Experiential Graphic Design(EGD), defining the design field and showing striking examplesof the various avenues of EGD, such as placemaking, wayfinding, brand activation and installations. She explained how EGD is integrated into a built environment and the most successful EGD solutions are those that are seamless with the architecture and interior design.

SEGD Offerings

Fellow co-chair Liz Griswold followed-up by outlining the plethora of educational resources available at SEGD.org,ranging from the basic educational fundamentals to advanced professional practice modules. Liz reviewed information about the annual conference and eventslike the Young Designers Summit(YDS), as well as the mini-conferences offered throughout the year by this global design organization.

Young Professional Insights

Lydia Richardson, a recent NCSU College of Design graduate and SEGD member offered insight into her experience of transitioning from her college degree into a full-time design job that combines print and digital design alongside Experiential Graphic Design, and how SEGD has offered the mentorship and educational resourcesto support her growth.

College Senior Insights

Erin Delahunty, a current NCSU College of Design senior, was integral in the coordination with NCSU faculty for this event. As an SEGD summer intern in 2018, and current SEGD member, she graciously shared with her classmates her positive experiences with SEGD and SEGD Raleigh. She pointed out that the free SEGD member bio listingoffered with a membership is an extremely useful benefit that easily connects you to future employers and potential network connections.

Paying it Forward

Experiential Graphic Design is a highly sought-after and unique design service. There are very few higher educational programsin America that offer degrees or specialization in this niche design field. SEGD Raleigh believe it’s important to share insight and strategies into breaking into this field – paying forward the efforts our own mentors have offered in our personal growth as Experiential Graphic Design practitioners.

Reach Out!

If you, or someone you know, are interested in learning more about this design field, or would like a similar presentation at your regional educational institution, please reach out to the SEGD Raleigh Co-ChairsEmma, Allison and Elizabeth.

SEGD Raleigh is committed to educating, connecting, and inspiring the Raleigh-Durham design community, one of the fastest growing in the nation.


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