Nina Van Styrum

Nina Van Styrum
New York

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Life is all about discovering and experiencing new things, having (new) stories to tell and having an interaction to see, experience and learn more.

As a designer, Nina Van Styrum has a big passion to create a design where these things stand central. In designing decors and installations for different areas such as festivals, fairs, events, retail and public spaces.

Next to this passion Nina created a love for photography, capturing moments in daily life, in which she tries to show the beauty that surrounds us, which all tell a certain story in their own way!

As a designer Nina Van Strum is an energetic and inquisitive Spatial designer, who studied Spatial design at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, University of Applied Sciences, specialized in Sustainability.

Nina Van Styrum is currently studying Exhibition & Experiential design at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York, America.

View more of Nina Van Styrum's work on her portfolio site.Connect with Nina on LinkedIn and Bechance.

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