Hunt Design at the One World Observatory

Image of signage at One World Observatory

Hunt Design (Pasadena, Calif.) recently completed planning and design work on a wayfinding signage project for the One World Observatory. The dramatic One World Observatory sits atop New York City's One World Trade Center, and is a popular attraction that boasts thousands of visitors a day. Working alongside this dynamic project's producers/designers, The Hettema Group, Hunt Design staff created the signage that supports understanding and circulation for such a high-traffic area. 

"This was a wonderful experience for the Hunt Design team to work with brilliant attraction designers and play a small part in one of the most important new buildings in the world," says Jennifer Bressler, Hunt principal in charge of the One World Observatory project. 

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Infinite Scale on Aggies' Stadium Team

Kyle Field at Texas A&M

Infinite Scale (Salt Lake City) created the branding and wayfinding system for Texas A&M’s newly redeveloped football stadium complex, opening to the public September 12.

Long known as one of the most intimidating stadiums in college football, Kyle Field will soon be one of the largest stadiums in the game. As part of a multi-year redevelopment project, Infinite Scale was tasked with the creation of a brand and wayfinding system that would equal the scale of the "Home of the 12th Man" and the intensity of the legendary Aggies fan base.

Infinite Scale developed a clean, timeless approach to wayfinding that complements large-scale graphics that honor Aggieland’s fans, players, program, and traditions. This combination of branding and imagery, both contemporary and historic, creates a look that is uniquely Texas A&M.

The west side of the stadium is home to the Hall of Champions, a 30,000-sq.-ft. space designed to house and honor the athletic achievements and storied history of A&M’s athletic programs. Stretching the length of the football field, the soaring space features 10 interactive displays designed and developed by Infinite Scale to bring this history to life and provide Aggies and fans with a unique way to connect through great moments, stories, stats, and images.

The project, whose scale is unprecedented in college athletics, will be unveiled to the public when Texas A&M hosts Ball State on September 12, 2015.

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Bluecadet Creates Monticello App

Bluecadet (Philadelphia) created the new mobile app "Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work on Mulberry Row" for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.

The app, available for iPhone and Android phones, tells the stories of slaves at Thomas Jefferson’s home and plantation at Monticello, Va.

“History is typically told through the eyes of well-known historical figures, but that is only one perspective. This app brings to life the stories of those who have been overlooked and neglected by history,” says Josh Goldblum, Bluecadet founder and CEO.

Using advanced geolocation technologies combined with personal stories from America's most researched plantation, the app allows both on-site visitors and those exploring from home or school a new, self-guided look into the lives of slaves. It is being hailed by teachers as a valuable in-class resource.

Mulberry Row, the industrial hub of Jefferson’s 5,000-acre agricultural enterprise, was populated with more than 33 dwellings, workshops, and storehouses between 1770 and 1831. Today almost none of these structures remain. As visitors walk the grounds, the app offers a nuanced story of this dynamic yet little-known community, providing context and meaning to history both visible and invisible.

At Monticello, the app’s advanced location-awareness features offer users content related to their location as they tour Mulberry Row. Using iBeacons and Monticello’s enhanced outdoor WiFi network, the app is geo-specific within a few feet of the user’s location. When passing the ruins of the forge, visitors are greeted with the sounds and stories of forge workers. In addition, an interactive map helps users locate nearby points of interest and find amenities throughout Monticello’s grounds.

Off-site app users--at home or in school--can browse historical objects, photographs, letters, and stories that bring the community and its residents to life. Each object and letter is enhanced with video, annotations, and narration. The app also includes exclusive video interviews with living descendants of Jefferson’s slaves, offering first-hand insight into the lasting impact of slavery in America.

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Rowmark Acquires LaserBits

Rowmark (Findlay, Ohio), a manufacturer and marketer of engravable plastic sheet materials, purchased LaserBits, Inc. effective August 13, 2015.

Headquartered in Phoenix, LaserBits is a supplier/reseller of laserable products for the awards and engraving market as well as other specialty markets. The company also focuses on education regarding laserable materials through seminars and their Laser University.

“By combining our operations, we can reach a broader market and have greater exposure through Rowmark’s global distribution network and support their growth through the improved variety of products we offer," says  Mike Fruciano, LaserBits vice president of sales and marketing. 

“We're excited about the addition of LaserBits as part of our broad line of products to serve the various markets we distribute to globally," says Duane Jebbett, Rowmark president and CEO. "Our global network of distributors will continue to be our focus, and we endeavor to be the go-to source for high-quality products as well as outstanding customer service in our market segments.”

Rowmark LLC is a portfolio company of Bertram Capital. 

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Hosted in New York City, NYCxDESIGN brings together all the disciplines of design, commerce, culture, education, and entertainment with a full, varied program, including exhibitions, installations, trade shows, talks, launches and open studios. 2014, the second year of the celebration, featured over 200 events by 162 organizers at 181 venues across all of New York City and included topics from graphic design to architecture, technology and urban design to fashion and product design, interiors to landscape, furniture to design thinking, and more. 

Coming May 2016. 

More at

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Solid Light Illuminates History at Falls of Ohio

Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center

Solid Light (Louisville, Ky.) developed exhibitions and media for the Falls of the Ohio State Park Interpretive Center in Clarksville, Ind.

Installation of the new exhibits is underway this month. The park, on the Ohio River shoreline in Indiana, features a wealth of natural resources including the fossilized remains of ancient marine animals far older than dinosaurs. The hands-on children's science museum spans 390 million years of natural and cultural history. Central to the museum's new exhibits is an immersive media experience centered on Lewis and Clark as they set out on their famed expedition into the Pacific Northwest.

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CGA Showing the Way at Cornell University

Cornell University campus

Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia) is working with Cornell University on a new wayfinding strategy for the 745-acre campus, the largest in the Ivy League.

The campus features that make it so picturesque--waterfalls, a lake, steep hills, and deep snow--also make for challenging and circuitous wayfinding. Adding to the complexity are four quadrangles, seven colleges, an expansive arboretum, a busy veterinary hospital, and a complicated parking system.

CGA is at work on the preliminary wayfinding plan and schematic design concepts, just as the university celebrates its 150th anniversary. 

(Photo: Courtesy of Barbara Friedman)

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DI Makes a Cute CAT Video

Caterpillar Dealer Experience Center by Dimensional Innovations

Dimensional Innovations (Overland Park, Kansas) helped Caterpillar and Simantel design, fabricate, and install a new Dealer Experience Center for their Edwards, Ill., training campus (and made a cute CAT video about it). 

The CAT Dealer Experience Center was designed to create a space for Caterpillar owners, operators, and dealers to learn about CAT technology. Dimensional Innovationsdesigned and created interactive experiences and engaging displays to bring the CAT brand and technology to life in the center. The experience highlights various services offered by Caterpillar dealers, such as remote fleet monitoring, on-location repairs, and equipment remanufacture. You can see the cute CAT video here.

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Direct Embed and MS Signs Cover FlyBy Sports

FlyBy Sports

MS Signs (Paterson, N.J.) created the signage, changeable graphics, fixtures, cash wraps, and ceiling and floor graphics for FlyBy Sports' airport retail store using its Direct Embed coatings over .040” aluminum.

The fashion fitness store, owned by Airport Wireless/Tech Showcase, wanted a high-energy and sophisticated environment that would feature eye-popping graphics, quality finishes, and durable hardware. The retailer has worked with MS Signs to develop innovative approaches that provide the right look and functionality for the stores. They chose Direct Embed over aluminum as an alternative to solid surface, laminate, or wood. It is highly durable, says the company, and is also cost effective, incorporating a wide variety of finishes into only one material, simplifying connections and finishes.

Direct Embed Coatings is a division of MS Signs.


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Lorenc+Yoo Wins Gold for Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum

Lorenc+Yoo Design's (Atlanta) master plan design for the Delta Flight Museum in Atlanta won the Graphis Design Annual 2016 Gold Award. 

The new Delta Flight Museum opened in 2014. In two vintage hangars next door to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Delta relives its journey from a crop-dusting operation founded in Macon, Georgia, to one of the world’s largest commercial air carriers. Working with S&W Architects, Lorenc + Yoo master planned the visitor flow into the space and developed the story lines and exhibits.

“This award is an honor for the entire design team,” says Lorenc+Yoo principal Jan Lorenc. “By telling it, we are proud to have become a part of Delta Air Lines’s incredible and continuing story.”

Read SEGD's feature on the museum here.

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