The New Tennessee State Museum Comes to Life

The New Tennessee State Museum Comes to Life

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On October 4, 2018, the new Tennessee State Museum opened in Nashville, Tennessee. This 137,000-square-foot museum tells the complex history of Tennessee, ranging from the natural history of the region to cultural history, art and even a separate children’s gallery. 

“It required a great deal of collaboration and stellar design to create one of the largest and most dynamic museums Gallagher & Associates has delivered to date,” says G&A Principal, Cybelle Jones. 

“Planning and designing the new Tennessee State Museum was a chance to think about what a history museum for the next generation really means,” says G&A President, Patrick Gallagher. Their design approach was “to create a facility that allows visitors to create their own experiences with time and place relative to their particular understanding and interests.”.

The Tennessee Time Tunnel serves as the backbone of the experiential journey. Interwoven through the museum’s six permanent galleries, visitors can self-select entry portals to go back in time. Large-scale immersive environments give visitors a sense of place as they explore landmark historical events throughout each era. This multi-layered approach takes people inside history–as much or as little as they’d like to explore.

As Lamar Alexander, the US Senator from Tennessee, says, “you can walk across the state in 30 minutes and you can begin to get a good idea of the wonderful stories here.”

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