New Role for UC DAAP Dean Robert Probst, FSEGD

Robert Probst, University of Cincinnati, DAAP

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Robert Probst, FSEGD and dean of University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning will be moving on to a new role in the UC community mid-September.

“I’ve invested 40 years into this institution,” he says. This has been my passion, but I am ready to start a new dimension in my life and career.” And that new dimension will begin with Probst working part time to realize the potential of the Orville Simpson Urban Futures Center, to be located in the new 1819 Innovation Hub and integrated within the university’s strategic direction, Next Lives Here. 

He explains, “The center will provide a platform and structure for research on urban futures, especially when it comes to support for faculty and students. I know I want to integrate our Simpson-related archival materials that are in storage with the University Archives and with the university’s arts collection.”

Beyond that, Probst laughs that he has “foggy vision,” which he says is a very good thing. “We should not always see too far into the future, and that’s a good thing. It keeps us flexible, ready to open new and unexpected doors. My life and service here at UC are a good example. I never planned to stay in Cincinnati, but I opened unexpected doors and had a great time.”

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