New Name for Office of Katie Osborn

Via Collective logo

The Office of Katie Osborn (New York) has changed its name to Via Collective.

"The new name was chosen to better reflect the companys mission, says Katie Osborn,founder, principal, and wayfinding strategist for the firm.

"In 2008, I have had the good fortune to work with incredible people to create successful wayfinding solutions for educational facilities, transportations hubs, and public parks. Since then, our team and our capabilities have expanded, and our mission has become clear: to design content-rich, aesthetically connected, and on-brand wayfinding systems based on user research and stakeholder involvement."

The name Via Collective, she adds, speaks to the company's passion for designing information to help people get to where they are going, through the contributions and dedication of the collective of people that are involved in that process.Involving stakeholders in wayfinding design enhances and enriches the process and user experience. "By working directly with clients, architects, engineers, and others to enhance the wayfinding experience, we are able to create systems that deliver information for a seamless journey through the built environment."




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