New Global Adhesive Solutions Lab from 3M Enhances Customer Experience

New Global Adhesive Solutions Lab from 3M Enhances Customer Experience

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Design engineers are being challenged to increase production efficiencies and solve assembly challenges; exploring new solutions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is the everyday expectation. That’s why 3M has developed the Global Adhesive Solutions Lab – to provide one-on-one attention and individualized solutions designed to advance its customers' overall manufacturing processes.

“Pushing the envelope with your designs takes time and effort, and it can be a very intimidating process if you’re unsure where to start,” said Pauline Allison, global business director, 3M. “The Global Adhesive Solutions Lab is 3M’s way of offering its expertise so that our customers can exceed the expectations of their customers.”

Located in St. Paul at the 3M global headquarters, the Global Adhesive Solutions Lab encourages collaboration and engagement with live, professional application engineers who are at the ready to support customers in a personalized setting. On-site, automated dispensing equipment and robotic cells from various manufacturers are also available, giving customers the chance to observe adhesive applications firsthand and interact with available tools to help ensure optimization.

“At 3M, we are constantly striving to improve the overall assembly solutions process by working directly with our customers to help them overcome issues and advance their process efficiencies,” continued Allison. “We understand our customers and they appreciate having a room full of problem-solvers at their disposal to explore options and test new and creative ideas.”

Every business has its own inherent challenges. This state-of-the-art laboratory will serve as a useful tool for customers interested in identifying solutions specific to their business. Users will benefit from personalized product and process recommendations, including help identifying adhesive solutions for their applications.

“We are excited to have Nordson technology and products featured in the new customer lab facility at 3M,” said Justin Hall, general manager, Nordson Sealant Equipment. “This collaboration will give 3M the unique ability to demonstrate both the performance of their materials and the application process to their customers, creating confidence in the total dispensing solution. Nordson looks forward to supporting 3M in their testing allowing us to continue to strengthen our material and application expertise, leading to innovative, highly valued solutions for the market.”

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