A New Chapter for Wayfinding?

Endpoint's Alison Richings on Mark Heywood's "Behind The Spine" Podcast

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Endpoint’s wayfinding design director, Alison Richings, was recently invited to converse with writer and podcast host, Mark Heywood, on her specialist topic—as part of a series on how writers create characters and settings. Covering everything from pandemics to football, in each podcast episode, Heywood draws on his guests’ experiences and knowledge, looking for new and interesting ways to form literary and screen environments, character traits, and story arcs.

Heywood's "Behind The Spine" podcast aims to deconstruct genre and narrative and finds learning opportunities for writers in the most unlikely of places. “We’re so much more affected by our surroundings than we realize,” Heywood tells his listeners. “Try placing characters in unfamiliar settings and see how they react.”

His interview with Richings is a look into the thinking behind wayfinding. She covers everything from individual orientation to emotional decision-making; she touches on at the psychology of signage, the need for information, and strategic placement in relation to different spaces such as malls, shops, supermarkets, museums, stadiums, and hospitals.

Listen to the interview

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