Neeta Verma Receives Grant to Mitigate Youth Violence in South Bend

Neeta Verma receives grant to mitigate youth violence in South Bend

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Neeta Verma, professor at the University of Notre Dame, believes that art and design can play a key role in breaking the vicious cycle of youth violence in South Bend, Indiana. To address this systemic problem, Verma is collaborating with a number of community partners in South Bend to launch a two-year project involving at-risk youth who will help design public art installations. The initial youth design team, led by Verma, will combine art and digital technology to create memorials to those lost to violence. Read on to learn more.

“What I hope to do with this project is begin to reweave some of those frayed threads. By giving voice to the voiceless — among our youth and the community — we can begin to make that social fabric robust again.”

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