National Arts Centre's Sesquicentennial Expansion

National Arts Centre's Sesquicentennial Expansion

The National Arts Centre has been a cultural destination in the heart of Ottawa for the past half-century. The NAC was originally built for the 1967 Centennial celebrations and is a stunning showcase of brutalist architecture in Canada with its geometric structure and minimal windows. To celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary, the NAC began the transformation of their space to make it more accessible to the general public and received the largest government investment for cultural infrastructure.

This included an addition of 60,000 square feet and renovation of 20,000 square feet by Diamond Schmitt Architects, bringing increased public space, a 65-foot-tall tower wrapped in transparent LEDs, an additional stage and ticket office and additional programming areas for events. The building's structure is based on six triangular grids that join to form a hexagon. Diamond Schmitt Architects' glass and wood addition nods to the original architecture in its detailing but softens the brutalist style with the warmth of the materials and by allowing the space to fill with light.

Entro (Toronto) designed the comprehensive wayfinding and donor recognition program spanning the interior and exterior of the building. To complement the renewed vision for the addition, the Entro team used the same underlying grid for the sign system and in their material selections of bronze, glass and acrylic. To avoid the possible confusion of users navigating through multiple entrances levels and four separate theaters, signs are strategically located and designed to provide consolidated information similar to an office building directory.

The renovation has been widely praised, receiving awards from the 2017 Ottawa Urban Design Award, the Ontario Wood Council and the National Wood Council and is a finalist in the upcoming Ontario Association of Architects design awards. The next phase of this transformative expansion will include updates for staging, lighting and sound.

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