NANOV Provides Train Displays

NANOV Displays alongside train tracks in Edmonton, Alberta

NANOV Displays (Miami, Fla.) provided the outdoor digital signage displays installed along the rails of the Edmonton, Alberta, transit system.

The 55-in., brake-dustproof transit monitors will display a mix of advertising, news, weather and transit messages. The screens will be located on the platform, as well as opposite each platform on the cross-track walls.  AVnet, Inc., a leading global technology distributor, installed the weatherproof digital signage.

The LCD units were designed to meet top industry hardware evaluation team testing for picture quality and product durability, as well as extended warranty and dust-proof maintenance programs. In addition to three-step, custom-designed filters to keep out brake dust, the units feature urethane rubber padding to reduce vibrations caused by trains. The monitors are readable in sunlight and work under extreme climate conditions, with an operating temperature range of -40ºC  to 40ºC––installed with an integrated heater for cold weather and an intelligent ventilation system for hot weather.

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