Nanov Display

NANOV – A resilient LCD maker

Nanov Display is a contract manufacturer specialized in exterior, interior LCD monitors. The company has been produced robust outdoor sunlight readable LCD digital monitors overcoming extreme weather conditions. - Salt erosion tested IP65 sealed marine monitors in the ocean in Miami, Florida, overcoming severe extreme cold weatherproof digital signage monitors in Toronto, Ontario vibration tested brake dustproof cross track digital displays at train station in Edmonton, Alberta and sunlight readable outdoor monitor in Maui, Hawaii.  The company also deployed commercial exterior projected capacitive touch screens in Ottawa, Ontario and 72 units of super narrow bezel multi-screens at the Yonge and Eglinton shopping center including wayfinding KIOSKs P-CAP digital monitors.

Nanov Display is able to provide holistic LCD solutions, design, material selections, raise LCD brightness adding LED back-lit units to make sunlight readable inside clean room, monitor components layout – IP68 waterproof noise-less fans, heaters, commercial touch screens, embedded computers, anti-reflective toughened glass and AD boards.   Nanov Display integrates its own auto-ambience internal monitor temperature control module, remote hardware maintenance module, HDBT distributor including patented front opening multi-screen videowall cabinet.

Nanov Display headquarter is located in Miami, Florida and incorporated in the State of Florida since year 2000. Its authorized service centers are located in Toronto, Ontario, South Hackensack, New Jersey, Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec.  For further information:

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