Nanov Adapts to the Changing Climate with Summer Maintenance

Nanov Adapts to the Changing Climate with Summer Maintenance

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Even by South Floridian standards, this year has been a record-breaking year bringing heat-waves, high humidity and skyrocketing summer temperatures. To address the series of challenges this brings, Nanov Display (Miami) LCD hardware installed at Miami Bayside and Jackson Memorial Hospital recently underwent inspection and maintenance, to ensure that they can withstand any remaining sweltering days this year, as well as far into the future.

To build resilience against problems caused by the most severe hours of harsh, direct sunlight, Nanov Display has deepened their UV Protection, brought up internal fan speeds and turned up auto adjust brightness levels vs internal monitor temperature. Furthermore, to add extra dimensions of weatherproofing against heavy rains and hurricanes, Nanov Display has added IK09-grade Laminated Glass, localizing extra spare parts for fast replacement of any part of the enclosure should there be damages caused by debris.

The Nanov team has checked the water overflow clearance as well as inspected electrical grounding systems and insulation to prevent leakage prevention and electrical shock from perennial South Floridian lightning storms. Additionally, they have monitored internal A/V board mechanisms to keep everything running smoothly––rain or shine.

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