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LED Displays so bright they take your breath away,
so large they immerse you in sensation, so lightweight and curvable you can put them almost anywhere.


At NanoLumens, we combine the world’s most powerful LED display platform with an unparalleled array of visual communication services to produce the world’s most engaging customer experiences – for you and your business. That’s bright thinking!


NanoLumens AIA Continuing Education Course: Large Format Indoor Display Technologies

Learning Objectives

I. Participants will understand the purpose and goals associated with the addition of large-format indoor display technology to a space.Our instructor will walk through the ROI of adding large format indoor display technology to a space, discussing how and why adding a display increases the revenue generated by a given space and the interest in such a space (i.e. adding ad revenue and marketing options for shows in a convention center could cause a large tradeshow to select that center over others) II. Participants will be able to identify and understand various technologies used for indoor display technology applications.Our instructor will discuss the various technologies available for large-format indoor displays, walking through how each works and how they are applied to a space, as well as how they are distinguished from one another. III. Participants will be able to identify the best-suited technology for an indoor display application in hypothetical and real-world scenarios.After the various technologies are understood, our instructor will walk participants through various scenarios of applications to discuss how each technology behaves in situ. Situational factors, such as the presence of ambient light, heat and noise restrictions, and limited spacing will be explored. IV. Participants will understand the pros and cons of applicable technologies for indoor display applications.The instructor will identify the perks and drawbacks associated with each technology and where there might be pitfalls or needs in application scenarios that could eliminate or enhance the viability of a given technology. OVERALL GOAL: By the end of our course, participants will be able to look at a potential architecture project, identify how signage could enhance the situation, and to understand which available technology would be best suited to the project due to budget, environment, and energy constrictions.

Thursday, December 3, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EST) - Add to Calendar
Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart - 3565 Piedmont Road. One Piedmont Center, Suite 303. Atlanta, GA 30305 - View Map
Presented by NanoLumens and SRSS

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