NanoLumens Degrees of Freedom Talk This Thursday!

Join SEGD and NanoLumens this Thursday, October 8 as we explore dvLED display systems for EGD and Placemaking.

With speaker Dan Rossborough, Director of Strategic Projects at NanoLumens this session will show how dvLED display technology can be utilized as a material, rather than a conventional form-factor typical to the digital signage industry.

NanoLumens is one of the industry leaders in design flexibility with these systems which opens doors to the EGD community and designers. Whether that is adding a digital/dynamic component to conventional EGD signage, or designing for the next generation of digital placemaking. This session focuses on dvLED display systems uses on placemaking and EGD signage in the transportation and corporate environment sectors.

From dynamic augments to static signage, to towering digital sculptures and purely dynamic signage systems, NanoLumens brings unrivaled Degrees of Freedom “DoF” in design with NanoLumens patented dvLED

Eager to learn more about the freedom dvLED display systems can bring to your project? Register for this event today!

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