NanoLumens Announces Significantly More Nimble 250mm x 250mm Outdoor LED Digital Wallpaper Topology

NanoLumens Announces Significantly More Nimble 250mm x 250mm Outdoor LED Digital Wallpaper Topology

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NanoLumens, Inc., the award-winning creators of LED visualization solutions announced a new customizable product to their stellar outdoor LED line-up. This newest LED offering from NanoLumens takes lessons from their patented frame-and-skin topology of their award-winning Nixel Series™ and adapts the traditional rugged outdoor LED module.

NanoLumens reveals a new fully outdoor rated, and highly adaptable LED tile that is 250mm x 250mm and can be tailored to form clean, virtually bezel-free angles to create either convex and/or concave structures in any shape or curvature imaginable. This smaller form factor tile allows for micro-faceted curves, and thus creates a more seamless curve and offers more creative liberties for A/V architects and designers. NanoLumens continues to offer designers the freedom to unbox their creativity with their display solution products.

“This is our frame-and-skin topology, so all mounting brackets and structure are integrated into the frame design, meaning the system doesn’t require any additional structural elements to stiffen or distribute load in most cases. Also, the integrated mounting capability means more flexibility in substrate design and allows for wall-mount, free-standing, hanging/tethered, or cantilevered mounting without any additional structures required. Just tell us where the work points are and we’ll hit them with an integrated custom mount design,” said Dan Rossborough, Director, AEC-Special Projects Group for NanoLumens.

This announcement comes amid a progression of other NanoLumens product developments, including their hallmark Nixel Series™ Flex 1.25mm tile just recently announced. NanoLumens serves the audio/visual design community with display solutions that provide creative freedom to transform any environment into an immersive and engaging experience.

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