Nancy Ciolek

Nancy Ciolek is an Assistant Professor at RIT, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Rochester, NY

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Nancy Ciolek is an Associate Professor teaching various courses in the M.F.A. Visual Communication Design program at RIT.

During Nancy's MFA degree coursework she visited RIT to attend a computer graphics design workshop. Two RIT professors came to ISU, where she was studying to lecture, and one of them came out monthly for a semester and conducted workshops with the students. Nancy served as his grad assistant. Her former professor at the Indiana State University (ISU) had once taught at RIT many years before. When Nancy Ciolek was working as a designer in Indiana she received a call from the RIT professor to apply for a Visiting Professor position that was open. 

Nancy Ciolek came to RIT in August, 1988. During her second year of teaching, she was offered a tenure-track position, which she accepted. During the first few years at RIT, Nancy had to learn 3 different computer systems and softwares to teach computer graphic design. She also taught many electives in addition to graphic design major courses. Nancy Ciolek has served as Administrative Chair for the School of Design, Graduate Coordinator for the MFA Computer Graphics Design program (now the MFA VCD program) and most recently as Chairperson for the undergraduate Graphic Design program. She is still At RIT and thinks it has been quite a ride so far!

Nancy Ciolek earned her Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Design from the Indiana State University.

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