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Nadia Tran is a Graphic Designer at CORE Design Studio in Houston, Texas.

Born and raised in Vietnam, Nadia Tran moved to the United States in 2013 to pursue her passion for design. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Houston Graphic Design program.

After graduating, she joined Adcetera – a well-established advertising and strategic marketing agency in Houston. There, she deepened her knowledge in user experience and user interface design, finding her passion for developing how people interact and experience design in a different medium. She finds beauty in functionality and continues to explore that relationship within design.

Nadia Tran is now pursuing her Master of Science in Technology Project Management. With her experience working in close collaboration with account managers, copywriters, strategists, and developers, Nadia wants to bridge the gap between design, technology, and business. She values teamwork and is passionate about process, structure, and systems that enhance collaboration.

She is currently a graphic designer at CORE Design Studio, a multi-disciplinary design studio that marries insight with a playful spirit, to create meaningful design experiences that resonate with their clients and the community. Nadia contributes to various print, user experience, exhibition and environmental graphic design projects.

Nadia is an active volunteer for the AIGA Houston chapter and various community organizations.

View more of Nadia Tran's work at CORE Design Studioand on her website.Connect with Nadia on LinkedIn.

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