Muvico Paradise 24 Theater

Jury Award

Paradise 24 is a 97,000-square-foot, 24-screen cineplex, offering an immersive Egyptian experience. The sloped, battered walls and distressed patina lend the ambiance of the ancient temple at Karnak. The cinema features a north wing reminiscent of the sandy, desert-like upper Nile and a south wing themed as the more lush delta plain. Statues of Ramses and sphinxes guard the concessions, which are located at the end of an indoor/outdoor mosaic of the Nile. Cinema patrons drive in past a huge entry pylon, and then park in the Luxor, Delta or Nile lots. Wayfinding signage and murals are colored in traditional Egyptian pottery hues, and wall surfaces feature quasi-hieroglyphics.

Jury Comments: 

"A veritable Aida of graphic design, from the lotus capital to the charming pseudo-hieroglyphics that cover the interior, to the floor mosaic of the River Nile that flows toward the viewing screens, the "Paradise 24" is a Egyptoid fantasy, on a par with the great American movie palaces of the 1920s, which ran the gamut from splendor-of-Versailles curlicues to Aztec pyramid moderne. The theater itself is part o the fantasy experience created by movies which transport the viewer from Davie, Florida to a dreamscape of Hollywood's own creation."

Design Firm: 

Development Design Group


Muvico Theaters

Location City: 

Davie, Florida

Project Area: 

97,000 sq. ft.

Open Date: 


Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 


Design Team: 

Jim Andreone (Principal in Charge), Janey Gregory, Kevin Kern, Valerie Knauff, Jose Morales, Curtiss Taylor, Ilona Stevens, Ian Webster


Magical Event Productions (lighting)


Don Bell Industries, Penwal Industries

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