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Mustard Square LLC is a multidisciplinary design firm operating at the intersection of design + technology. We design, build, and deploy web-based products and services, bringing together creativity and technical excellence.
Our mission is to create products that help streamline the process of auditing and experiencing physical locations in environments such as hospitals, transportation hubs, health-care campuses, universities, and multi-site retail facilities. Over the last eight years we have worked with world-renowned clients and partners to deliver elegant, technology-driven solutions.

Our products cover all points of the wayfinding process. Wayfindit includes a mobile application that helps users document and photograph physical spaces. We can also integrate our proprietary beacon applications, allowing visitors to find their way and go on self guided tours in museum exhibits. The Digital Management System (DMS) drives digital kiosks and interactive signage. Everything is collected and managed in our cloud-based management system that allows stakeholders from all areas to collaborate to design, fabricate, and maintain their digital and physical wayfinding systems.

Architects, designers, and fabricators have used our tools to document and manage over 100,000 signs across 20 million square feet across the world. We are based in Northern California and have offices in Brooklyn, New York.

- Site Surveys
- Wayfinding
- Environmental Graphic Design
- Application Design
- Web Programming
- Web Design
- User Experience

Hire Mustard Square to assist in your site survey and sign programming documentation efforts. We’ve worked with some of the best environmental graphic design firms to assist with their survey and programming needs - we’d love to work with you!

Site Surveying:
Mustard Square is often contacted when design firms are working on a renovation project and don’t have the time or resources to pull their staff out of the office to document individual signs. We can assist with auditing a site to create circulation maps for your design team to use during programming. If the project requires an itemized replacement/removal package, we can use our proprietary site survey tools to get you the information you need, including detailed location plans and preliminary quantities for each sign type.

Sign Programming
We LOVE sign programming! Figuring out how to navigate people through physical spaces, plotting sign locations, determining sign messages - it’s our favorite! If you want to concentrate on wayfinding strategies and design, bring us in to help create your location plans and message schedules. We will review desired circulation routes and code requirements to get all of your copy and locations finalized.

Available Services/Products:
- Circulation Maps
- Interior Site Survey
- Exterior Site Survey
- Preliminary Programming
- Code/Regulatory Programming
- Wayfinding Strategy
- Wayfinding Programming

Past Clients:
- Big Monocle
- BrandCulture
- C+G Partners
- Debra Nichols Design
- FayeWorks Design
- Gensler
- GNU Group
- Kate Keating Associates
- Kraido
- Salon D'Art
- Security Signs
- SenovvA
- Signcraft Group
- Shannon Leigh Associates


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