Multi-Modal Wayfinding in New South Wales

Dotdash creates simplicity within complexity for Sydney Light Rail & Ferry.


Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is currently undertaking an ambitious overhaul of its multi-modal transportation wayfinding infrastructure throughout New South Wales and the capital Sydney, a city with a population of 4.5 million. The program includes the implementation of an integrated signage system across all transport modes, including wayfinding principles aligned with maps, websites, apps, digital information systems and other communication channels.

TfNSW’s Customer Experience Division has led development of the new system, including color-coded T, B, F and L letter icons for trains, buses, ferries and light rail, designed to be easily understood identifiers of public transport for both visitors and residents. TfNSW has been supported by external design teams in developing various elements, including Grimshaw Architects and Maynard Design in the early concept and strategy stages.

Working in close collaboration with TfNSW, Dotdash(Brisbane) was challenged to design a consistent, recognizable and flexible wayfinding system for deployment across the entire Sydney Light Rail and
Ferry networks. The solution is a ground-up approach that  translates across nearly 60 unique sites, ranging from high-density urban environments to open parkland and quiet suburban pockets. Based on a kit-of-parts
system, the design supports a smooth customer journey. Each sign type has a place within sequential zones of user experience, from approach to arrival, to waiting and then boarding. The same is true in

The mode identifiers provide the promise of a transport service followed by confirmation of the stop/wharf name, and then critical user information such as network and local area maps upon arrival and departure.

The thoughtful placement of signage elements and simple, clean graphics are intended to create a highly approachable and intuitive wayfinding experience, directing travellers to their destinations seamlessly.


Client: Transport for New South Wales
Wayfinding Design: Dotdash

Design Team: Heath Pedrola, Larraine Henning, Keith Sullivan, Domenic Nastasi, Mark Ross, Erin Stromgren
Completed: 2015

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