MSSI Program at Jefferson is Now Accepting Candidates

Surface Imaging M.S. Program Now at the New Jefferson

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The Surface Imaging program at Jefferson is now accepting new degree candidates for 2019-2020, starting May 13, 2019. This is a unique graduate program utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art digital printing technologies at the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging.

The program is designed for students to develop complex, unique and relevant surface-image products and services for innovative business applications by applying a variety of imageries including vector, raster and photo images as well as painting and drawing to advanced digital printing technologies. Throughout the course work, the center provides complete access and understanding of advanced digital printing technologies including direct printing (UV, Latex, Eco solvent and Textile dyes) and fabrication printing including additive material deposition (enhanced 3D printing) and subtraction printing (laser printing).

The curriculum includes courses in surface imaging design, printing technology and material and polymer science, as well as entrepreneurship and business plan creation, to integrate design, applied engineering and business for the growing digital printing industry. Moreover, Surface Imaging at Jefferson is a S.T.E.M. program and after graduation, international students can have maximum of three years on a Optional Practical Training visa.

Students in the program will gain professional experience through research-based projects with industry partners that stress critical thinking and problem-solving skills through teamwork and collaboration. They will gain extensive experience working on interdisciplinary projects using advanced technology and design solutions. Students also will have access to the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging, which has been supported by international imaging industries, including printer manufacturers, ink formulators and software developers. 

This accelerated 16-month program will start at May 13, 2019 and successful students can graduate the following summer semester, August 2020. The preferred deadline for applications is February 1, 2019.

For the highlights of the program activities, please visit MSSI Program Highlights as well as an Industry Project Video

For more information, please go to Program Website and Program Fact Sheet


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