Molly Zakrajsek, the artist Molly Z

Molly Zakrajsek, Molly Z Art+Design
Chicago, Illinois

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Molly Zakrajsek's Chicago based firm MOLLY Z. ART+DESIGN focuses on the creation and organization of imagery for public spaces. Her playful illustrations, quirky characters and custom patterns interact together in a uniquely colorful, vibrant wonderland. As an artist, she chooses imagery that speaks of growth, transformation and vitality in life, often using nature as a metaphor when exploring these themes, such as a bird in flight, a shining sun, or a flower in bloom. The finished compositions combine nature symbology with elaborate line work, layers, textures, patterns and colors.

Molly Z. worked many years as a detailed digital illustrator, contracting with agencies, product manufacturers and many different clients, always looking for a way to make beautiful art that affects our daily lives. This idea of permanence and experience gave her work a deeper purpose, to transform whole places, to fill people spaces with thoughtful, inspiring, lasting works of art. She has created public works of art and branding systems for museums, schools, and businesses and has produced live art murals for major industry conferences and special events. Some of Molly Z.’s clients include The Shedd Aquarium, The DuPage Children’s Museum, Utopia Paper, Building Blocks Learning Academy and ZipCar.

Molly Z. is a Professional Artist with a passion for designing spaces and experiences that inspire creativity and connection.

Molly Zakrajsek works with designers, architects, planners, museums, retailers, churches and schools to create large scale illustrations, hand painted murals, and collaborative art making experiences and performances.

Connect with Molly Zakrajsek on LinkedIn.

See her work at Molly Z Art+Design.

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