The Modern Show: Exhibition Design + Documentation

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What you will Learn

This podcast explores the design processes for creating short term exhibits as well as permanent museum type exhibits.


The course consists of two speakers and two presentations:

  • A New Exhibition Design and Documentation Process, Jan Lorenc, Lorenc+Yoo Design

Exhibition design has been changing and creating expanded opportunities for everyone, allowing exhibition designers to design a retail space, themed environment, or corporate museum space. The only commonality is the design planning and documentation process. Jan Lorenc will walk through a model design planning and documentation process that can be applied to a variety of project types. Jan looks at creating the strategy, telling the story and developing the assets for the design.

  • The Modern Show Exhibition, Mitchell Mauk, Mauk Design

Trade shows and corporate exhibitions tell a story on a small scale. Mitchell Mauk walks you through the fundamentals of high end trade show exhibition design showing you how to tell a story or sell a product in a tiny space. He discusses what it means to design in spaces where you are bombarded by many, many messages at the same time. Mitchell talks about the important task of translating a brand from print to 3-D for the environment.


Course Materials

  • Two audio files and two PDF presentations



  • Approximately 72 minutes


Presented February 1, 2005

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