Mirtec Launching NFC Accessibility Tags

Mirtec image

Mirtec (Israel) is launching their NFC Accessibility Tags in early June. The NFC technology platform is a wireless radio communications standard, similar to Bluetooth and WiFi. By simply scanning a Smartphone over the NFC Tag, information is transferred instantly and securely. The NFC chip contains a magnetic induction circuit so it does not require charging, electricity, cable signals or any form of infrastructure.

Mirtec went a step further by integrating the technology with a structure containing 3D Braille dots around the tag. This allows ADA solutions to be even more efficient and better accommodate the needs of the visually impaired.

In addition, the NFC Donor Recognition Tag is a new way to pay tribute to donors and their contributions by broadcasting a personal story. This feature provides continual encouragement of contributions, spurring increased donations. Read more at Mirtec NFC.

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