Mirtec CSS Signage Solution

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Mirtec is a family-owned business, and since the company opened its doors in 1987, we like to think that every one of our clients has been treated as though they were a part of that family.

Today, our concepts and systems are recognised as a vital constituent part of the world’s increasingly advanced architectural sign industry.

Our Vision
To create and foster mutually innovative and profitable business relationships with our partners

Our Philosophy
Mirtec fully understands the principle that every designer needs to leave their professional fingerprint on each and every commission. We understand the requirement to provide the most creative options to our clients and are therefore constantly modifying and recreating our systems to accomplish this goal.  As we say, always staying ahead of the market, always exceeding client expectations and always delivering the promise.

CSS Signage Concept
Our tailor-made and bespoke interior signage systems incorporates a comprehensive range of products, all designed to satisfy architectural and design functions across a broad spectrum of applications.

• Contributing variety and differentiation of design
• Providing simple production process
• Guaranteeing cost-effective results

Customized Systems Solutions: the benefits for the designer -

• We focus on your creativity
• We provide a unique and personalized solution
• We offer  Wayfinding signage solutions for a varity of environments

Marketing tools for designers -

Mirtec has created a range of interactive marketing accessories especially for designers and architects, which are available on our web site to provide all the various tools needed.

We are committed to focusing on innovation in design and in the specification of new applications across the signage industry.

NFC Devices
At the SEGD Annual Conference in 2018 - Mirtec NEXPO
We plan to introduce revolutionary new solutions in the field of ACCESSIBLITY,

For the first time, it will be possible to use NFC technology via a personal Smartphone, to access information, without the need for an App and without adapting any infrastructure.

The NFC devices will be integrated into signage to provide increasingly user-friendly information. By touching the Braille dots and the scanning results on the Smartphone screen, the system uploads a video display, which matches to standard of ADA regulations.

NFC is an integral part of your Smartphone’s capability, whether Android or iPhone.  As a consequence, the development of this technology will improve the human experience by a significant amount.

NFC Accessibility tag
Scan, listen and read, and immediately enjoy a new level of accessibility.

NFC Donor Recognition TAG
Scan, listen and read - be moved by the story of a donor

Scan, listen, read and enjoy digitally by using your Smartphone with your personal headset. 


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