Mind Journeys, Emily Wengert & Jason Schlossberg

Emily Wengert, GVP User Experience, leads Huge’s Experiential practice globally. She specializes in experiential work and tech innovation, merging the physical and digital in physical space. Emily has driven customer experience initiatives for companies such as Target, Comcast, Gucci and Kohler. She works with technology, including facial recognition, eye tracking, robotics, AR, and computer vision. Emily was named to AdWeek’s 2019 Creative 100 list.

Jason Schlossberg Managing Director, Global Head of Strategic Communications at Huge. Jason merged Huge’s existing social, influencer, and editorial disciplines with a new “earned creative” team, to form a unified global Strategic Communications practice. Jason was named to PRWeek’s 40 Under 40 list, and identified as one of the 25 most innovative people in communications. He regularly speaks at global conferences and is a frequent contributor to industry trades and podcasts, as well as national and regional media outlets.

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