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WalkNYC Pedestrian Wayfinding
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Mike Rawlinson is a founding director of City ID and a design-planner. City ID chooses an urbanist and information design approach, based on understanding how cities work from a planning perspective and putting the user first, developing unique design, information and wayfinding solutions to fully integrate people, movement and places. Among their works are identity, information and transportation systems for the cities of Bristol, Dublin, Manchester, Newcastle.

Mike has led the development and delivery of innovative design projects and strategies in many cities including: Abu Dhabi, Birmingham, London, Moscow, New York and Rio de Janeiro. He has extensive design management experience working on master planning, transportation, city identity, legibility and wayfinding projects.

In particular Mike is credited with developing the ‘Legible Cities’ concept that seeks to improve people’s experience of places through the integration of urban design, wayfinding, identity and integrated transportation projects. Pioneered by City ID in Bristol the UK, this concept is now extending to a number of cities across the globe.

Mike Rawlinson is a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, an Academician at the Academy of Urbanism, a member of the International Institute for Information Designers, Society of Experiential Graphic Design and the Urban Design Group.

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Xlab, SEGD’s technology and innovation conference for the experiential graphic design community, was held two weeks ago on October 27 and 28.

2016 Xlab - The Digital City: Creating New Ecosystems Dialogue

2016 Xlab - The Digital City: Creating New Ecosystems (City ID)

SEGD Chicago - Saturday - The Legible Smart City: Positioning for What's Next - Rawlinson

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