Michael Courtney Design Hosts WWU Students

Western Washington University students visit Michael Courtney Design

Michael Courtney Design (Seattle) hosted a group of senior graphic design students from Western Washington University and put their creative talents to the test with a secret project.

The brief was to create a new and significant landmark for Western’s campus. Divided into small teams, they were given 15 minutes to design and another 15 minutes to construct models of the landmark. Little did they know they would be using holiday-themed building materials for the model: gingerbread, icing and candy.

They were great sports and each team made creative use of the materials at hand. Pink icing for grass, red liquorice for trees, and candy dots for lighting.

After a review of the their creations, the visit wound down with a Q&A about the field and the profession. The student quizzed the MCD team about their professional backgrounds, working in a studio environment and “How do you get projects, anyway?”

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