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April 2023

Ze Tan is a Visual Designer with over 7 years of experience in visual design, motion design, branding, illustration, interaction design, and design system. She previously worked at Gallagher & Associates (G&A) in NY and is currently a senior visual designer at Cisco. Leading the design for the 360° Johnson & Johnson Museum Virtual Tour, Ze collaborated with content researchers, UX researchers, 360° photographers, and stakeholders to establish experience goals and provide end-to-end design solutions. Additionally, she played a key role in designing the visual and interactive aspects of the National African American Music Museum (NMAAM). Ze worked with the multi-disciplinary team to brainstorm ideas, build prototypes, conduct user testing, develop incremental design iterations, and establish design style guidelines for both visual & interaction design.
Ze advocates a human-centered design methodology that prioritizes the user’s needs throughout the entire design process, while also emphasizing the importance of cross-functional teamwork to identify and elevate user experience. Ultimately, the aim is to utilize design and technology to develop engaging and user-friendly experiences.
Clients with Gallagher & Associates include:
The Mississippi Arts & Experience Center (Meridian, Mississippi), Chicago Architecture Center (Chicago, Illinois), Johnson & Johnson Heritage Museum (Brunswick, New Jersey), St. Louis Holocaust Museum (St. Louis, Missouri), Sazerac House (New Orleans, LA), National African American Museum of Music (Nashville, Tennesse).
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