Udo Schliemann

Udo Schliemann

A passionate designer and artist



Member Since

December 2008

With 41 years of experience as Graphic Designer, Udo is one of the most skilled designers at Entro Communications in Toronto. A native of Germany, Udo came to Toronto to join Gottschalk+Ash in 1999. In June 2011, just after chairing the annual SEGD international design conference in Montreal, Udo left G+A to join Entro as Principal Creative Director.
Udo’s work has focused on integrated signage programs for cultural institutions, universities and workplace, but also on branding and identity developments. His work has received numerous awards like the Red Dot Award and SEGD Awards. In 2017, Udo was elected to become a member of the distinguished Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Often, his designs include an artistic element that elevates a program or installation beyond the pure functional and utilitarian aspect.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Placemaking, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Graphic, Signage, Sustainability


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Sports, Transportation, Workplace