Thomas Head


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October 2003

Bring me the large, difficult and different and I will create a solution for you!
Thomas Head spent his high school and college years working in the fabrication shop of his parents’ custom metal plant. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Thomas worked his way into the sales and management front office. He eventually found his way into the signage and environmental graphic industry where he has been able to tie the two trades together and create beautiful large scale projects that are lasting and memorable. He loves being able to work with designers on a regular basis and help deliver their vision into the field without compromising the original design intent.
Thomas Head is highly motivated in business development, management and sales professional with the drive to lead and a successful history of selling to senior level customers, architects and general contractors. He has proven leadership with an excellent record for building teams, increasing sales AND profit margins from an executive level.
Thomas Head has a passion for challenges and overcoming obstacles, and a drive to apply and combine technical MBA education principles with real world experience to produce results. An educated professional that is not afraid to get his hands dirty when it results in successful job execution.
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