Steve Pinkston



Member Since

February 1995

Steve Pinkston founded Steve Pinkston + Others, Inc. (SP+O) in 1980 as a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio focusing on the planning, creation and production of superior quality design solutions for marketing programs. In 1994, Mr. Pinkston added the discipline of environmental graphic design to SP+O.
Mr. Pinkston is a professional member of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) and has served on the Advisory Board of the Hussian School of Art, and is a former member of the West Chester Borough Wayfinding Committee. Mr. Pinkston also writes, and has published, articles on graphic design and branding. Articles by Mr. Pinkston can be viewed on the SP+O web site at
Mr. Pinkston has directed numerous environmental graphic design programs of considerable size and has extensive experience in developing the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping the idea of place. Mr. Pinkston directed the signage program for the new CoreStates Center in Philadelphia and was called on again when it was time to renovate the building in 2018. He has successfully managed the signage and wayfinding program for the Coliseo de Puerto Rico using that country’s rich culture and history to build a successful program. In addition he has successfully branded spaces for the United Center in Chicago for their clients Kettle One Vodka and Anheiser-Busch. Additional SP+O clients include Holy Redeemer Health Systems, The Borough of West Chester, the Philadelphia Eagles among others.