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June 2003

Steffany Brady, is a Fine Artist and a Senior Graphic Designer with emphasis in Environmental Graphic Design and Design Experience at CallisonRTKL. She earned her education in Graphic Communications at the University of Houston; and has over 9 years of knowledge in brand design, environmental graphic design, signage and way-finding. Steffany Brady brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and leadership to every project she is involved with. Her commitment to the development of meaningful and impactful user-centered designs is evident in her strategic and collaborative approach with clients and team members. Steffany has worked in a variety of market sectors including Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Residential, Workplace, Mixed us, and Retail. Steffany’s work has been featured in a number of publications include Interior Design Magazine,, Interior+Souces and more.
Steffany Brady is also a fine artist; she began exploring complex polygonal art utilizing her expertise in graphic design while leveraging her technical skills in Adobe illustrator. Her first series, The Nature of Geometry, was grounded in the concept of biophilia, drawing inspiration from water, earth, and the resultant of the two; plant life. Once each piece is completed, it makes the leap from digital to analog through a dying process onto brushed aluminum.
Since then Steffany has spent less time on screen at home in favor of other more tactile mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, mixed media and more. Her compositions are vibrant and now imbue a more fluid quality. She continues to play with geometric forms in an effort to strike the perfect balance between the rigidity of geometry and the fluidity of nature. Steffany likes to bring her fine art sensibilities into her projects experimenting with different approaches bringing spaces to life while understanding the function and the way users experience spaces.
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